10 Mindful Meditations for Children

Family meditation
Meditation can be shared together, a wonderful way to connect

10 mindful meditations for children uncovers the research that I have been doing to support help children learn about the powerful benefits of meditation. The ability to meditate is a wonderful skill that everyone can learn through regular practice. In today’s blog we have listed ten meditations that we have discovered, mostly on YouTube that have a variety of aspects to them that will help children at different times and a variety of ages and needs. Explore the different ones and work out which ones might work at those variety of moments or for children of varying ages. Have a listen to them yourself first and then you can do them with your child, little learners or class, a wonderful way to meditate and also connect together.

children class meditation
Children meditating in their class

Meditation is a technique that is used to support the mind to focus, relax, release tension, seek a higher level of thinking, promote loving kindness towards oneself or others. The breath is often used to regulate one’s thoughts and feelings, along with visualising and mindfulness.

When we meditate regularly our body and mind benefits greatly. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduced stress response
  • A greater ability to balance the emotions
  • Enhanced focus and attention
  • Reduced Pain
  • Anxiety is lessened
  • An increase in creativity, what an amazing outcome!
  • An increase in memory
  • Greater productivity
  • Compassionate sensitivity is increased
  • Ability to sleep is improved

Below you will find ten meditations we have listened to and viewed that are age appropriate for a range of ages in children. Even the tiny ones!

meditation for toddlers
Toddlers and preschoolers meditating with their early childhood teacher
  • Find a comfy spot and quiet moment in the daily routine that might work out okay for your child and yourself to engage in a meditation together. 
  • Sit together legs crossed on cushion or on chairs next to or opposite each other and with whatever device you are using to access the meditation you have chosen close by.
  • Have other distractions turned off. 
  • Have a favourite essential oil in the room to use this as an aromatherapy too.
  • Warm but not hot room temperature and comfortable clothing is appropriate.
  • Encourage your child to breathe in slowly through their nose and out through the mouth. Modelling this yourself will help them understand and help them know what to do. Do about 5 breaths this way.
  • Start your choice of meditation and follow the instructions in the meditation.
Using essential oils in your meditation space, may add aromatherapeutic benefits and comforts

10 Mindfulness Meditations for Children and their families and caregivers

  1. Balloon by Cosmic Kids https://youtu.be/ZBnPlqQFPKs
  2. Melting – Flow by Go Noodle https://youtu.be/fTzXFPh6CPI
  3. Potato Love by Small Potatoes https://youtu.be/–ppbXJFcF0
  4. Thought Bubbles by The Mindfulness Teacher https://youtu.be/70j3xyu7OGw
  5. Square Breathing by My Life https://youtu.be/YFdZXwE6fRE
  6. Butterfly Body Scan by My Life https://youtu.be/56_8aK3cLEA
  7. Dreamy Kid by Dreamy Kid https://dreamykid.com/
  8. 3 Minutes Peaceful Breaths: Mindful Breathing for Anxiety in Kids by Fablefy – The Whole Child https://youtu.be/w3Aol2CCsdo
  9. 5 Minute Meditation for Focus by Great Meditation https://youtu.be/zSkFFW–Ma0
  10.  Meditation with Tina “Big Breath” by P.L.A.Y. with a Purpose https://youtu.be/XWqCEgKQor4

It may take some time for it to feel more comfortable and for your child to settle. Wriggly, squirmy behaviour is very typical of both adults and children at first. Try to just say out loud, focus on your breath and then breathe or guide their attention back to the meditation. 

singing bowl
Sometimes a singing bowl can be helpful in starting and finishing meditation

We include meditation in our some of our classes especially our Yoga Heroz class, where we meditate together as a group. Some of our children have now become very focused and masters of meditation in their own right! To try out a class, connect.

kids yoga

Finally, we hope you enjoy the benefits of meditation for yourself and your child wherever and however you choose to do so! 

Till next time, play, connect and learn with love.

Tina Bambury Play with A purpose

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