2 Minute Read School Holiday Moments

The summer holidays can be long and finding things to do with the children and keeping everyone happy and settled can become more difficult as time goes on as you and they run out of ideas!

I have put together some ideas for you to inspire and get creative together with your children, so you can fill in the day with wonder, fun and learning about the world around them.

It is a great opportunity to tailor some creative and exploratory moments together and also some time to do things independently to build creativity, mindfulness and thinking skills.

Taking some time for you as a parent is so important, so remember to care for you as well and recharge your batteries, so to speak.

On a hot summer day that is so typical of our January in Australia getting out early before the heat hits is a great way to explore some of the water activities that are so popular in our nation.

Some ideas for this are:

The local swimming pool

The beach

A water park

A river

Some kayaking

Perhaps a walk to or by the river or your local park for some play and ball games or a family game of cricket?

Drawing is a rhythmic mindful activity that allows your creativity to go wild. Draw lines or circles, what can you put inside them? What colours might you use? Could you blend a couple of colours. Are shapes a part of your picture? Asking questions can help stimulate their thinking about what they would like to draw. Shading and colouring add to the masterpiece. Doing this together on the table is a wonderfully bonding experience.

Water play at home with spoons & reuse some bottles or perhaps a teaset and teaparty? Perhaps for the pet rocks (you find on your walk in the park or by the river) when you get home you could make them together with paints or textas.

Building in some yoga activities supports us and our children to feel more relaxed, calm and better able to respond to each other in ways that are loving and caring. Doing it with them and showing them you too value this will support them engaging in this mindful practice.

Some more new ideas to try at home for when the summer is too hot, windy or it’s family time.

Make a tent or cubby in the back yard out of a sheet and chairs or a table so the children could have a picnic underneath it.
Find some leaves and place paper over a leaf then use some colour pencils and colour over the top of the leaf on the paper to do a leaf rubbing
Make a list of your children’s favourite songs, make a playlist from Youtube and have a dance party
Play some board games together
Go to your local library and get each child to choose a book and then have a reading festival where each child could read their story, then swap it with a sibling and then they could perhaps act it out, talk about their favourite section, draw about the stories. Gives an insight for the children into their siblings interests and encourages listening and reflection very valuable skills.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year where we can have a variety of seasons in the weather and these ideas may help you weather the ups and downs of the holidays with your children. If you do try any of these ideas I would love to hear about it. You can always email me or message me with your wonderful photos, we always welcome any our of our play community!

Take care of each other and play together,

With Tenderness


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