Our primary educator and consultant who is warm, nurturing and friendly. Tina is a four year trained Early Childhood Teacher  and parenting educator with her trainer and assessor certificate. Tina is passionate about welcoming and giving you the best possible experience when you come along to our play communities and learning environments. It's all about you and your child's learning!

We want to support you and your child  to deepen and grow your connection to each other through many different ways!

Yoga is about your well being and gentle exercise! Our yoga classes with a child focus are fun, include exercise, games and meditation. Click the link to book in!

Our educational play and learning groups inspire everyone to engage in the wonder of play! We offer you and your child educational learning opportunities that support your child preparing for school that you can do together. Ideas for you to take home and play with again and again. We help your child learn sharing, turn taking, listening in a group, following instructions, all very important in their world of learning!

Do you have a particular topic or need for your team or centre? Is there a specific focus or desire to learn?

We can design and cater for your team and centre a workshop that is customised just for you!

Click the button above to see what we have available or contact us for your own customised workshop.

You and your little one are our focus in our play communities. We want to support you and your baby to deepen and grow your connection to each other through play! We do this in a variety of different ways.

What better way to learn? Just tap the button above to take you through to our services.

Groovaroo is a movement where people come together and connect your heart and your babies heart through wearing your baby in a carrier and dancing together in a group!

Let's connect our hearts, minds and souls together as we dance to past and present popular soul music!