Baby Bath Time Fun – Nine Songs & Five Play Ideas

Baby Bath Time is a perfect opportunity to use this necessary part of the routine as a play and learning one too! When we are doing caregiving routines it is a wonderful time to use some tickling games and engaging in eye contact further deepening your bond to each other. 

Bath Time…a wonderful caregiving routine time to play!

Singing in the Bath

Singing songs using your hands to do the actions or a toy is a lovely language builder for your little one. Over time and with repetition, you might notice if you pause at the end of a song line, baby may make a sound! The beginning of speech! You, as their primary caregiver and parent are their first and most important teacher and they love you best and will love it if you play these touch and tickle games and songs!

Touch and tickle games support baby’s sense of touch and spatial awareness of the world around them!

We have nine bath time toys in our range and have found a song that goes with each of them!

Baby Bath Toy Party!
  • Baby Lion – Leo the Lion

  • Baby Monkey – Monkey, monkey in a tree

  • Baby Turtle – Tiny Tim (I had a little turtle)

  • Baby Bear – Rock a Bye your Bear

  • Baby Frog – Der Galumph Green Frog

  • Baby Tiger – I’m a great big tiger

  • Baby Hippo

Taking it a step further and introducing some play outside the caregiving routines starts to happen as baby is awake and alert more often during the day (hopefully not at night!)

Five Play Ideas….

  • Water play (other than the bath) – taking baby outside to explore the wonders of water play with their bath toy plus a little bucket and a small cup (can be a clean and washed lid off a container) is a delight to watch and see how they explore! Always watch babies and children when they are in or around water for their safety.
Water play…a sure winner in this hot summer weather in a shady spot with you watching!
Edible Water Beads are fun to make and taste safe. What colour will you make? A neat way to teach a colour!
Allow baby to place the block in your hand and wait to see what they indicate they want to do with the block. Follow their lead.


I hope this little article has shown you some wonderful ideas to play and sing together with a simple little bath toy! So much discovery and learning comes from playing together with your little one. Planning to play at least once a day will benefit both you and your baby’s learning about each other and deepen your relationship whether it’s through caregiving routines or dedicated play. Till next time play, connect and learn,

Tina Bambury Play with A purpose

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