Every caregiver, parent and child is welcome in our classes. We adapt and tailor our classes to you and your child’s needs.

Connect with your child through Yoga

Yoga Heroz

Help your child learn the art of yoga through our child friendly poses modelled with our caring, nurturing yoga instructors.

You and your child will feel welcome, supported and nourished after attending one of our yoga classes. We welcome children of all abilities and adapt poses according to the children’s needs.

We use a visual sequence of poses on cards to support our little and young yogis ability to understand and complete the poses. We use a book or games that support children learning emotional and social skills. 

Our meditation is used to close and can be active, in resting pose and utilises affirmations and visual imagination.

We offer your child’s first yoga class as complementary and we look forward to meeting you both very soon.

connect and calm your family chaos


Deepen and grow your heart to heart connection to yourself, your baby and your partner.

Wear, Dance, Love are beautiful elements that weave through these classes that are expressed through the moves and the closeness of grooving with your baby.

You and your baby will have opportunities to learn about the benefits of baby wearing, dance together to popular music, exercise and strengthen your muscles. We often find that babies have a wonderful nap and are very relaxed at the end of the class, a strategy parents often use at home when needed. 

To try out our GroovaRoo class click this button to book in, we can’t wait to meet you and your baby!

use music to connect and learn with your child

Music Miracles

Music Miracles explores and supports children’s language development, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor development through the wonder of music.
We use a range of music and movement to engage your little one’s mind in singing, dancing, playing and making instruments, using puppets and having a wonderful time with you! 

All very important to help them learn and grow into the little person you hope for them to be. 

Everyone in the family is welcome to attend including visiting family, please let us know and we will include them for the time they are with you. 

Please click the button below to book into your first Music Miracles class, we just know you will love it! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The best thing about P.L.A.Y. with a Purpose is the singing and rhymes! Allowing kids to choose. I learned how to keep calm with my baby in the public place, and learn share things with his friends

P.L.A.Y. with a Purpose Parent