Early Learning Matters to Me

Early learning matters to me as children are precious and have immense value. They are beautiful little humans that I delight in supporting in their learning journey through their connection to their loved ones and helping them learn so they can reach their highest potential. The seeds of learning are sown in those precious early years and I am honoured and privileged to be a part of their lives.

groovaRoo Dance
Wear, Dance, Love

Being able to see babies grow from a precious little bundle in GroovaRoo Dance dancing with their parent in a carrier into a toddler who is connected and making relationships with other children and is saying their name during our name song. Shows the fruit of the seeds that their parents and caregivers have sown, the careful nourishment of their neural pathways and brain development.  When they develop their favourites and show them by choosing songs from the chart in our Music Miracles classes is such a blessing and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to know these marvellous little people and their families.

Music classes for children
Music Miracles offers playing with music together with your baby

Having the opportunity to be an educator and teacher that has sown little seeds into the learning of the many children and families I have come into contact with in the last 17 years has been truly amazing and I am so thankful. I knew I was destined to work with small children when I was young however needed to wait until opportunities opened for me to return to study early childhood part-time at TAFE. With lots of support from my family, friends and sheer determination I eventually gained my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) after 7 years of study.

Some of the highlights over my years in early childhood include:

  • Seeing a child make a learning discovery and the wonder light come into their eyes
  • Singing songs with children at group time
  • My sleeping Koala puppet in the box and the toddlers delight when they wake him up
  • Children playing together in numerous settings
  • Seeing the team in action with families at playgroup
  • A child with learning delays celebrating achieving success when they have been working towards learning it for a long time
  • Seeing our families in playgroup graduating and going off to school prepared and excited
  • Seeing connections through play between parents and their children
  • Seeing delight in parents faces as their child has a learning moment
  • Training opportunities that have led me to my own discoveries and learning both professionally and personally
  • Meeting the many wonderful colleagues who have taught me so many things and many of whom I call friends
learning through nature
Learning and exploring in Nature
group time
Music & Storytime at Christmas
girl and father working together
We hope to inspire learning and investigation in children’s futures

Finally, of the many highlights opening my organisation to be able to be responsive to what our play community need, request and want has been fabulous! A beautiful learning opportunity that has led me to work with wonderful children, families, caregivers and spectacular colleagues that have taught me so much and enriched my own learning journey! I have met so many new people both families and fellow business colleagues and I cannot wait for what is ahead! May your Wednesday be a wonderful day to play, connect and learn however and wherever you can as you know how much #EarlyLearningMatters!

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early learning matters to me
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Early Learning Matters to Me

Early learning matters to me as children are precious and have immense value. They are beautiful little humans that I delight in supporting in their

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