Heart Building Cards

Heart Building Cards, what are they?

Every parent and caregiver wants the best for their children they love and care for. Over the years I have taken a journey of learning of my own on relationship and connection, more so what builds it and I found that the centre is our hearts. When I started teaching yoga classes for children with additional needs I wanted to bring an element of nurturing and nourishment to the class so that children and their caregivers had a felt sense of warmth, light and love both during and after each class. I do this through the welcome, the environment, our interactions, poses and the segments within our class. The segment where we talk about a particular feeling focus or aspect of social concept was the one where I really wanted to and did invest some time. In my search to find some cards that were specifically for this purpose I could not find a set that used child appropriate developmental language and inspirations, there are lots of wonderful cards out there for adults that support well-being and mindfulness. I wanted cards that would provoke and prompt conversations with children so they were able to understand and share their own understandings of each concept. So this prompted and began the writing and designing of our Heart Building Cards.

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Yoga Heroz

A place to start

To begin I thought the most common knowledge that children have is the alphabet, so I sat with my notebook and pencil one early morning enjoying a cup of tea, scribbling and sketching and gave a page to each letter and gave some time to allow thoughts to rise of the different emotions and values that started with each letter . I love to do an activity or experience with the children so I wanted to include this as part of the card. As I deepened the progress of developing these beautiful cards filled with hope and promise, I wrote ideas and questions that could start a discussion or an experience that children could express their knowledge and grow more depth and awareness of the emotion or feeling we were exploring.

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The journey

Each card has a letter and I chose as many words as I could that started with that letter to express the concept on it, so the words would be fun and easy to say and a phrase that could potentially be a mantra to stay in the mind so to speak, an affirmation for the day. One of these is, ‘Joy helps us to jump into the day’. Once the writing was almost complete then I engaged a gifted graphic designer who managed the team, Demelza Thorpe of Powdermonkey Design who knew a talented illustrator Kristy Baldock of Bucketfull of Rainbows and so the birth of Heart Building Cards came to life! I knew I wanted to make these cards feel beautiful to hold in your hands as this sensation will support your nourishment of yourself through the touch and feel of these little morsels of light and love. So we sourced a family owned printing business in the Adelaide Hills, Reid Print who printed our cards on 100% recycled silk board and they are packaged in a delightful drawstring bag! This sustainabilty was critical for me, as our children are our future and developing a product that would have longevity and yet not hurt our world was very important.

Heart Building Cards resilience
Heart Building Cards

Hoped for benefits of Heart Building Cards

As these cards are a new addition to our collection the benefits are yet to be discovered, found and confirmed. However, family, friends, customers and clients have shared with me a sweet feeling of nurturing that comes over them when they hold them, they are so hard to put down. Slowly, reading through each card and looking at the images is a joy to watch and hear. A joy and sparkle comes from their eyes as they look through them. The alliteration that is part of the set of cards rolls effortlessly off the tongue and seems to stay with you. Teachers, both in early childhood and senior high school and speech pathologists have delighted in looking at these empowering and uplifting cards.

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Connecting our hearts and hands through sharing our knowledge and learning journeys

Some of the hoped for outcomes from having your own set of heart building cards:

  • A wonderfully different way of learning the alphabet
  • building emotional literacy and intelligence
  • creating emotional awareness
  • creates opportunities to play and connect and learn together through play and experience ideas on the back of each card
  • gives parents and caregivers ideas to start conversations about feelings and values
  • a conversational tool for teachers, counsellors, speech pathologists and therapists and emotional supporters
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Sharing emotional learning and connection will support children today, tomorrow and into their futures

Some heart building play ideas and tips:

  • When you are spending time together make it a screen and phone free time (communicates they are most important)
  • Try and dedicate some play time each week that works for you and your family (15-30 minutes 3 times a week is a great start)
  • Have favourite movies and books that you love to share together (building memories)
  • Find out what is your child’s favourite activity or experience and do that with them (shows you are interested in them)
  • Play a game together (Peek-A-Boo, Hide and Seek, Board Games)

When I wrote these cards my fervent hope and desire was that I could share them with the children in my classes and the wider community. I will be exploring how children respond to Heart Building Cards in 2022 in my Yoga Heroz classes. Along with Yoga Heroz, Heart Building Classes and Workshops are currently under construction and design.


Everyone who has worked on bringing Heart Building Cards to life has sown a little piece of their hearts into them and collectively our heart’s desire is that these cards support you in your journey of growing and sowing into children’s hearts and minds. May the seeds of light and kindness you sprinkle into those around you grow and deepen into love, both for them in their hearts and your own.

love my kid

Till next time, play, connect and learn,

Tina Bambury Play with A purpose
love my kid
Building your child’s heart

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