Magic Move Mondays – 10 Favourite Body Focused Songs

Moving songs are a wonderful way for children to learn. Moving their arms, legs and many different parts of the body to music is a magical way for them to begin to understand the names of these body parts, build muscles, control each limb or digit, whatever the part of the body it may be.

I thought this photo was so fun when I found it. It definitely shows the delight children have in moving!

Here are 10 favourites that I have found children and families love in my Music Miracles groups. Many of these are Nursery Rhymes however some I have found from searching when I have had a specific thought in mind about what the children are most interested in. Following their interest at these times, is a wonderful way to engage their minds as the opportunity for learning is most active when their favourite subject is involved. Let’s see these favourites.

Heads & Shoulders

Open, Shut Them

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Everybody Do This

If you’re Happy and you know it

I’m a little teapot

Where is Thumbkin?

Body Bop by The Learning Station

Row Your Boat

Busy Body by Sing & Grow

Many of these songs you can find on Youtube. You may like to check out my channel here.

Moving is such a precious gift. Move with your baby, hold them and sway. Walk an rock them and sing and talk to them. They don’t mind your tune, I often find singing with music helps me to be more confident to sing with the children. Sing and along and dance along with them. It’s great exercise for them and you. Grab a pot or pan or plastic container, a wooden spoon and make music together. More to come on this next week.

Move your body, mould your muscle memory with these movements, more moments to remember, to make Mondays magical. A magical photo of moving to leave you with till next time….

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