Morning Chaos or Hello Sunshine!

Morning Chaos or Hello Sunshine! It varies on the day in our household! Morning Sunshine can be a hard to reach feeling as it gets towards the end of the school term, tiredness and fatigue can be setting in for everyone. This fatigue feeling can make for a more frazzled morning chaos kind of feel where we are dragging ourselves out of bed and into the day. When I speak to people in my life and ask them to describe their mornings, the words that come to mind are rushed, stressful, chaos, hurry, come on we will be late! Bringing some calm, order and soothing that time anxiety that can happen on the daily would be a welcome relief for most of us! In today’s edition, we explore some of the ways we can do just that and the benefits in both the short and long term of smoothing out your mornings, so you can greet the day with a ray of sunshine!

hello sunshine
Greet the day with joy and enjoy the sun as it rises!


Preparing and thinking ahead at the start of the week through using a diary, planner, white board, chalk board (contact us for your free planner) noting down what events are on for you and the children, appointments, school events and excursions, library day, sports day and so on is a great place to start. Do this first for yourself then follow the same process with your kiddos and your partner. This then skills them all up to build their own resilience and responsibility and reduces anxiety for everyone in the household. Long term playing with purpose in the planning …. encourage the children to decorate, name it and own it perhaps as “The (family name) weekly events”! Guidelines for use come with the download and don’t forget to sign up so you don’t miss more exciting ideas like these!

family planner schedule
A family schedule helps everyone know what is coming up in the week ahead!

Getting Ready

Then the night before each day get everything ready that you need, money required, bags packed with equipment or library bag or book, doctor’s paperwork, schedule it in as part of your afternoon/evening routine, the time investment will be worth it!

ready for school no stress
Look at me! Ready for school!

Scheduling and actioning preparing for the day ahead in your afternoon/evening routine will support your children and you as they will be learning about planning for the day ahead, developing the skills over time to do this for themselves. A valuable life skill!

Child helping parent
Children can be competent and resilient, when they are supported and end up teaching us when we need it!

What about sleep?

Getting enough sleep and getting to bed early enough will also help those young one’s bodies to jump out of bed and into the day in a happy way! What does bedtime look like? Are there changes that could be made to the evening routine that will support them getting to bed and settling to sleep earlier? Our next blog will hold bedtime tips and suggestions so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss it!

Screen Time in the morning

Smooth flowing mornings and having your children’s brains ready for learning is optimised through keeping the morning as a screen free time! Encourage them to get ready so they can connect with their friend’s at school in the mornings or if school is at home at the moment perhaps a walk to get the oxygen flowing will be supportive of their learning and minds. What rules and guidelines are in place regarding screens? Raising Children has some helpful tips around screen time use for primary school children suggesting where and when. For example, no screen time before school to support children keeping the brain open, sharp and focused ready for the day ahead. There are a few articles on their website regarding the use of screens for children and as they cover from 0-18 years are a reputable and well researched site are a great resource for families.

happier mornings
Happy, settled children, ready for learning
Dad's helping with children
Supporting little toddlers with their caregiving and morning routines with a bit of play thrown in helps them have a great start to the morning!

Breakfast….some options

Eating a healthy breakfast is important to fuel children’s energy for learning. Our brains use energy generated from the foods we eat so refuelling after a long night of sleep is important to gear up ready for the day ahead. A healthy breakfast can consist of fruit like a banana, berries and some protein like a chia pudding or some oats. Perhaps scrambled or poached eggs on some sourdough or wholemeal toast may appeal some days. Or if time is tight a smoothie can be a quick on the go breakfast. 

healthy breakfast for kids
Some healthy breakfast options to support growth and learning! Brain food!

Is waking up easy or a bit tricky?

The waking up process is different for each person. Some wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the day. Happy and chirpy and wanting to connect and chat to everyone. Others may be slower to rise and enter the day quietly and introspectively. For some it is a difficult and hard journey to get their brains to leave sleep behind and mornings are just pure hard work! For these slow to rise wakers a shower can be helpful to wake up their bodies and minds, they can then feel more ready to enter the world as the showering process washes away the sleepiness and wakes the cells. It is important to discover what works for your children and encourage them to develop the routine that works for them and what they need.

waking up grumpy, slow to wake
Some children are slow to wake up and might find a shower helps!


Having a routine and processes in place to support your family is important for everyone’s well-being, perhaps you have one already and we have given you some new ideas to streamline. If this is new to your family, we hope these ideas and strategies are supportive and helpful. Whatever your morning looks like, may your family continue to play, connect and learn their way through mornings so sunshine can radiate throughout your day.

Till next time,

Tina Bambury Play with A purpose


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