The relationship with you and your child is our focus and is very important to us. You and your child matter and are valued in our service.

It is with this focus in mind that we plan our play based groups and choose and design our sensory toys.

Connect with your child through play

A Feelings Sensory Sack can help with ideas and connection.

Snuggling with your child as you read, they listen to your voice, point to the photos, and it further deepens your bond with your baby and is a loving moment to cherish as they grow so quickly!

Snuggles and giggles abound with our puppet and soft plush little bear that delights the sense of touch!

Blowing bubbles together helps their visual focus, hand eye coordination and it’s super fun inside or out!

Toddlers are at a delightful age where they are finding out about themselves and what is and is not okay! They are developing their own personality, sense of humour and are funny and learning to talk and move, generally fast!

Some of the ways that toddlers express they have a need to be met, is often through quite intense challenging behaviour. This can be very confronting to us as their parents and caregivers.

As they are in the sensorimotor stage of development they are exploring and learning through their senses.

We have developed a selection of toys that with your support and supervision they can discover the joys of sensory play with you! Their first and most important teacher! 

Unsure what to choose? We can personalise and tailor a Toddler Sensory Bag for your child, please contact us and we will be happy to do so in your little one’s favourite colours and using their interests.

We are very responsive to our play community and parent feedback and are excited to be developing some new play based face to face groups.

Small cosy welcoming groups where children and their caregivers can come and relax and enjoy playing together.

babies at Play

Especially for Babies and Toddlers to explore together with their parents or caregiver using their senses and curiosity to learn. 

With a variety of learning experiences on offer that are interactive, sensory focused, singing, music and an age-appropriate story time this will delight you and your baby, as you bond through the wonder of play. 

Parents find that they learn more about their baby and toddler, what they like to play with, how much they understand and their social skills and confidence grows!

We are currently gathering enrolments for this delightful group and we would love to host you both, so please add your name and contact information and register your interest here and we will be in touch!

Each session will be for an hour and is just $10. 

preschool developmental play

Kindy/ PreSchooler

Children in the three to five year old age group are all about play of all sorts!

This is often when a special interest appears in particular categories. Garbage trucks, race cars, soccer, drawing, painting, insects, bugs, how things work, building, dogs, animals, the list doesn’t end!

We cater to many of these interests and learning needs as we build our sensory bags around children’s interests and favourite colours, so when you receive it and open it with them, our hope is that they will feel special and that we understand them.

Start exploring and shopping in the sensory toy world now for one of our carefully crafted sensory sacks and more.

Play for preschoolers

Play with a Purpose to Prepare

Transitioning to school is often a cause of worry and stress for young families as their little ones leave the home and early learning settings and venture out into the world of formal learning. 

In this group we work on social and emotional skills that are so important for success at school. Planned intentional play experiences that use and build on sharing and turn taking skills are a core focus of the programming and interactions. 

Exposing children to pre-maths, pre-reading and play based science experiences as well as scissor use, drawing and art work are all included each week as they learn and grow with your support. 

We recognise parents and caregivers are children’s first and most important teachers and you are vital in this learning and preparation process. We invite you to join our enrolment list for our upcoming groups later this year in preparation for school in 2022!

Weekly attendance and participation over time builds a strong foundation for the children’s learning to deepen and grow and become meaningful.
Investment in your child’s future education is for 90 minutes per week at just $15 per session.

School Age Children Play

School Age

Our Feelings Bag Sensory Sacks hold several items that will meet a wide variety of learning and interests.

From Super Sand that your child can mold and it holds its shape, to slime or putty and timers too. We source the newest items as they are released to keep our bags current and fresh. 

The products within this bag have been selected to help your child to develop and sustain their concentration, to work through more intense feelings using healthy strategies, to take some time away from screens and meet any sensory diet needs. 

With the purchase of one of our Feelings Bag Sensory Sacks we offer a complimentary free Unboxing Session online, we would love to meet you and look forward to chatting with you soon.

Tailoring and personalising the sensory sack to your child is our speciality. We can put a selection of sensory toys together based on colour choice and interest through a complimentary consultation over email or phone. 

To make a sensory sack request please contact us.

As a token of our appreciation, please accept a little gift with our compliments for your child for registering your interest in these delightful play and learning communities.