Afternoon Routine
  • Afternoon Routine

    SKU: VISRA19001
    • Are you wanting to build some routine and glide through the afternoon and evening with some fun and tender loving moments too?


    The afternoon routine chart uses visual cards that includes physical activity, quiet moments, afternoon tea, dinner time and finishes with a quiet wind down towards bed time.


    We can offer an envelope on the back to keep your cards in or a little personalised box for child to take off each card to put them in as they finish each task.


    The chart has magnets on the back to easily attach to the fridge or alternatively we can put velcro tabs on for sticking to the wall that remove easily.


    Particular sports or activities in the afternoon? 


    We can personalise your chart too. Please send us a message and we can talk about what your child's interests are and even add their name!

    • Personalising

      Personalising your visuals may cost a little extra and this will be confirmed with you when we talk about your wonderful little people and what they are most delighted by and interested in.