Feelings Bag
  • Feelings Bag

    SKU: FEELBG19001

    Our feelings bag along with a supportive caring adult help those who are experiencing hard to manage feelings like anger, frustration, sadness, worry to work through the emotions and feel more calm than prior to using the tools within this kit. Sensory needs and diet are all met with a customised toolkit. Contact us to customise to your child's needs.


    Emotions are so tricky to negotiate at times. Add into the mix child development and how their brains are still learning about these things called feelings, it can be really hard. Do you or a child want to have some tools to use to help move those tricky sticky feelings on towards calmer peaceful feelings?


    We recommend and in fact with children and people with additional needs, supervision is vital as this kit of tools should be used only at times that it is required. It comes with suggestions of how to use each of the tools within the bag and after the feeling is finished or the person feels more settled it can be packed away until it is needed again.


    Individual items within each bag may vary slightly, however have been carefully selected for supporting moving through feelings.


    Included are at least a liquid timer, a fidget toy, a stress ball and squeezy friend, a tactile cuddly toy, a puppet to engage to name a few and written ways to support and suggested ideas to help.