What do you need Keyring?
  • What do you need Keyring?

    SKU: VISKR19001
    • Is your child learning to talk?


    • Are you wanting to understand what they need but they find it hard to tell you?


    • This keyring allows you to ask what your loved little one needs using pictures. Ask them what they need and show them each picture saying the words as you show them the card. They can then point to the picture card showing what they need. Then you can meet their need. Helps lessen the frustration and upset for everyone involved.


    • Choose our custom text field if you would like to change or add/particular cards for your personal needs included for a small extra fee of 20 cents per card.


    • This resource can also be tailored to adults with additional needs or those with communication difficulties as an alternative to speech.

      P.L.A.Y with a purpose

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