Afternoon Routine Chart


Afternoon routine chart supports your child building independence, responsibility and self motivation to get those chores done, including unpacking their bag and their homework! Routines are a part of getting us ready for the day or getting us ready for sleep. Supporting your child with this sequence of tasks for the afternoon and into the evening makes a routine is a wonderful gift for them to feel secure and a sense of predictability. Distraction and following instructions can be tricky at times especially after a long break of school holidays when routines can be relaxed and then returning to school is a bit tricky and overwhelming, this visual flow chart supports them to stay on track and has been designed with words and images for linguistic and visual learners.

The child hand sized visual cards are attached with velcro and include all the usual parts of a child’s routine when they get home from kindy or school. As they finish a task they pull it off and pop it in the finished box or the envelope at the back! Finish Boxes are included and with a handy magnet on the back they sit just next to the routine waiting in place, ready for each part of the routine to be finalised! They know where they are up to in their routine and can come back to check if they forget!

Some of the benefits of children using our routine charts are:

  • free of lunchbox or school bag funky smells as they unpack their bag every day
  • no more constant reminding as they track where they are up to with their routine
  • children take ownership of their afternoon and time and can keep track more easily
  • happier children, happier parents and caregivers!

With an envelope on the back of the chart to hold the cue or task cards with magnets on the back it easily attaches to the fridge!

Particular sports or activities in the afternoon? Would you prefer Boardmaker images or our personally designed images for your cue cards. We can also print them in a larger image style for you to suit your child’s needs.We can personalise your chart too. We will touch base after you order to confirm your preferences. You and your child’s need are important and valued in our service and we love to support what you request, prefer or need.

Colours available are: Pale Blue, Pale Green, Lavender, Cream/Natural.

Order your chart today and make your evenings flow and your home go with it!

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Dimensions 30.5 × 42.5 × .5 cm

Pale Blue, Pale Green, Natural, Lavender


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