Baby Bath Toys


Baby Bath Toys are just adorable as they are all baby animals!

In a variety of happy bright and pastel colours that are perfect for baby sized hands to hold and explore as they bathe!

Baby Lion, Rhino, Frog, Turtle, Monkey, Bear in blue or pink, Hippo, or Warthog!

At 7cm tall and made of rubber, they are a safe size for easy holding and exploring through play!

With a little hole to allow water in to squeeze out like a tiny fountain for baby to delight in and work out how this squeeze action works, there is learning about cause and effect as well as sensory play!

Check out our blog for play ideas and songs to sing with your baby about these cute little creatures!

Additional information

Weight0.024 kg
Dimensions7 × 5 × 5 cm

Baby Frog, Baby Turtle, Baby Monkey, Baby Hippo, Baby Rhino, Baby Warthog, Baby Bear, Baby Tiger, Baby Lion


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