Dinosaur Sensory Sack Bag


Dinosaur Sensory Sack Bag is for the child who has the most intense dinosaur interest, a huge fan! Or perhaps to expand their interests into the dinosaur realm! With seven different items in the bag your little dino fan they can explore the five different senses and expand their dinosaur collection!

Included in this hand made in South Australia sack:

  1. Dinosaur Balloon Ball
  2. Dinosaur Sticky Splatter
  3. Dinosaur Cuddly Friend
  4. Dinosaur Stickers
  5. Dinosaur Dramatic Play
  6. Dinosaur Light Up Sensory
  7. Notebook & Pencils to draw and create your own dinosaur habitat!

Blow up the balloon and increase their ability to control their cheek and lip muscles as well as their ability to expel the air into a targeted space and see the evidence of this development through play!

Throw the Dinosaur Sticky Splatter and see where it lands! Does it stick? Does it fall? Supports and develops hand/eye coordination and planning skills. It’s an experiment too!

Connect with them as they draw a dinosaur habitat in their notebook and add a sticker in for good measure!

Have a snuggle and a cuddle with your soft dino that is soft and furry and fits in your hand so you can stroke the little dinosaur gently.

Meeting a range of sensory seeking behaviours and a large proportion of a sensory diet for children who have diverse learning needs and especially for the dinosaur enthusiast, this little bag filled with wonder as they explore and experiment with each item is sure to please!

Colours and types of dinosaurs are available and we will contact you for your preference when you place your order.

More play ideas are included in the digital download to expand their play and learn possibilities with your purchase.

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Weight366 kg
Dimensions27 × 20 × 10 cm


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