Early Learning Child Care Centre Daily Routine


Visual Early Learning Centre Daily Routines for your Child Care Learning Environments available here! Personally designed and can be tailored down to the smallest detail for your settings needs.

Child Care, Early Learning, Playgroup, Non Profit or School organisations allow us to save your valuable staff’s time and energy by making these resources for you and little learners or students.

These routines support children to know what is coming up in the routine and can be utilised by staff for those anxious little ones who find transitions or a change in the routine difficult. Adding a finished box in so when that part of the routine is done, helps everyone follow where the routine is up to.

Particularly helpful for children with diverse or additional needs, they can find they are empowered by looking at the pictures as pictures cross language barriers and difficulties.

Over time, they will go to the routine on their own to check what is coming up so they can reassure themselves.

We can come along to a meeting at your organisation to discuss in depth what we have available and how we can support you. To plan your tailored learning routine make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Tina…..

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