Feelings Book (Babies)


Feelings in babies and new parents can be overwhelming and intense, strong and difficult to process as you learn about your baby and they learn about you.

Naming and identifying feelings is the first step. What they look like and how they feel. Where are they feeling it in their body. These images may help us as parents, caregivers and educators in supporting ourselves and our children to move through their feelings and be able to understand more about what is happening for us and our baby. Sitting with your baby and reading this photographic story at many different times starting with a cuddle time, may support you and your baby to be there for each other in the moment they need you.

This edition of the feelings book is written for babies and parents and caregivers of these little individuals in particular, and uses delightful photos to enhance the appeal to read the story. Babies especially identify more readily with faces and photos and these have been selected rather than text and illustrations to appeal to their little minds.


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