GroovaRoo Dance Class


GroovaRoo Dance Class is a wonderful way to meet other mums and caregivers. Do come along and join us and nurture yourself and your baby as we move and groove together next to the serenity of the beautiful Murray River.

Come rock with your little one and other moving & grooving parents in this unique prenatal and babywearing,baby-bonding dance class with Tina!

This class is appropriate for all levels of dance experience, including beginners. We will be doing fun, easy community dances with an emphasis on creating a safe, sacred and soulful experience for you and your baby.

GroovaRoo Dance supports the development of your baby’s co-ordination, attachment, balance, motor, social skills and well-being.

We welcome you to arrive in your own ergonomic, 2-shoulder carrier. If you need help with your carrier or would like to use one of our extra carriers, please arrive 15 minutes early.

NOTE: In a GroovaRoo dance class, our baby is our dance partner, so we will be dancing with babies carried on the front facing in and heart-to-heart (like any other partnered dance). If you haveany reservations or physical limitations about having your baby carried on the front and facing in, please contact us here.

Ages: Expecting to 2 years old

Checklist of what to bring to your classes and what to wear:

  • Water for you and a drink for baby
  • Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and wear your comfiest sneakers or joggers; baby needs to be in cool clothing with no feet in their pants or bodysuit, socks are okay
  • Carrier (a Meh Dai or Soft Structure carrier works very well)
  • A snack if needed for yourself and baby plus wipes and a spare nappy



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