Heart Building Cards


Heart Building Cards have been designed with precious children as our focus, both their well being and their future holistically.

Exploring the alphabet delivered differently! With 26 cards that start with A and goes to Z every letter has a social value or feeling! Please watch the videos available with the links (in light blue above and below) to see each card. To explore further how to use these cards book in a free 30 minute consultation with Tina! Email Tina here

Our hearts’ desire is that these cards support you in your journey of sowing into children’s hearts and minds. Suitable for use with children aged 2 years and up they come complete with ideas on the back to open conversations or explore each concept through activities and experiences. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, early childhood professional or teacher, social worker, psychologist or counsellor, yoga teacher or well being practitioner working with the work, health and safety within the workplace these cards will delight you as you hold and feel them, they are amazingly difficult to put down as they sow into your heart and soul just by looking at and reading them!

May the seeds of light and kindness you sprinkle into and onto children and others grow into love.  We hope that you, your students, clients and children you discuss each letter with, leave your session with a sense of serenity, strength and wonder.

It is our hope that peace and resilience is more accessible to them through you using these cards in your classes, be that yoga, therapy, teaching and wellbeing sessions with children.

These cards have been designed using the alphabet as a guide and using an emotion, personal or social value to stimulate conversations, thinking and discussion around how we can develop these values and awareness of emotions in children and in turn, deepen it for ourselves.

It is a life journey to learn and grow and these cards have been developed to stimulate and support you as the caring supportive adult and guide for children. To help develop, grow and strengthen their awareness of their own hearts and minds and those of others.

Our Heart Building Cards have been printed on 100% Recycled Silk Board so they feel amazing as you look through them to choose your card. These beautiful eco-friendly cards have been carefully crafted and chosen with a selection of values, feelings and experiences using the alphabet as a known base of knowledge to support children’s understanding and growing perception of important social and emotional awareness. A wonderful team have worked together to bring a set of  delightful illustrations to communicate the meaning behind the words to you and the children with beautiful graphic design and printing. Packaged in our environmentally friendly bags, they are sustainable for our beautiful planet that our children need.

Heart Building is a support to humanity, we hope you love our cards as much as we do, in kindness and connection.

P.S. Eco-friendly bags may change slightly from jute to calico or hemp.

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