Hess Stacking Abacus Natural Toddler


Hess Stacking Abacus Natural Toddler is a wonderful resource to teach your baby so many wonderful skills and yet be sustainable and natural.

Your growing toddler with supervision and support from you (as there are small pieces in here so not safe for under three’s without supervision) can stack, roll, feel, fill up a cup or a basket and balance these shapes on the other pieces!

This flexible and open-ended stacking abacus has a variety of shapes in natural wood finishes that have been smoothed to a sensational feeling for the fingers to explore and discover. As your toddler shows display of learning through stacking a piece one on top of the other or onto the abacus encourage them to keep stacking and pose questions of wondering aloud which one they might choose to stack next….

When they find it tricky to get the shape on you could offer and encourage them to persist through saying:

  • keep trying
  • maybe turn it around, upside down, sideways
  • where is the hole? Line it up with the spike
  • gentle hands to balance

and so many more….

Popping out bowls or baskets in the same colours as the shapes encourages them to match colours, a pre-mathematical skill. At first, they might put them all in and take them all out again, a favourite activity for the 12-18 month old. As you start to teach them colours you can support them to sort the beads into the bowls or baskets, naming the colours and as they grow progess to the names of the shapes.

These shapes could even be used in imaginative play as whatever your child can imagine!

A great resource to add to their toy shelf, that has many ways to play!

We particularly loved how there is no plastic packaging in this equipment! A great eco-friendly investment.

Hess Stacking Abacus Natural for Toddlers is made in Germany.

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