Magic Ball Fidget Puzzle


Magic Ball Fidget Puzzle is about the size of an eight ball so fits snuggly in the hand of a child or adult!

Move the coloured balls out of position by popping them into the centre. Then try and put them back! It’s trickier than you think.

White background with 11 different colours and one empty there are twelve holes to move the tiny balls around in. A great distraction tool or to dispel some nervous energy.

Rubik’s cube fans may find this tool interesting too!

Benefits of fidgeting:

  • Can support people who fiddle like twirling a pen or clicking a pen or are restless in their chairs to regulate this behaviour
  • May help to relieve stress or nervous tension
  • Keeps your mind active and engaged while you take a ‘brain break’ to play with the puzzle ball
  • May help to build finger and wrist strength for those who need to develop these muscles and dexterity
  • Repetitive action can be soothing to a person who needs a tool to support self regulation.
  • Can help to build colour matching skills….did you know matching colours is a pre-mathematical skill?

For more information and interesting reading on The Science behind Fidgeting by The Conversation click this link!


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