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Micki Mini Transport Cars Range that we are stocking includes The Square, Circle, Triangle and Rectangle! See these in action here! These little transport vehicles are a push along and roll freely along a hard surface! FSC Certified with the wood sanded to a super soft finish! They feel soft to the touch and are as sensory toy in itself!

Imagine the sensations your toddler can explore as they hold, turn, push and spin their little shape car in action! With a happy little smile and packaged in a delightful little box with a string they can use it as their ‘garage’ or carport for their little cars! Include some blocks to make roads with them!

Often one of the first words babies and toddlers say is ‘car’. This happens because it is familiar and uttered often by us as parents!

Using the name of the shape of the car will also expand their speech and I can only imagine how it will be pronounced at first! Adorable baby speech is one of the joys I love and treasure from working with little ones and I know as a parent I remember some of the first words and their ways they said their words with happy and fond memories! I highly recommend recording their talking and writing it down in their baby books to reflect on when they are older!

Some of the benefits of the Micki Mini Transport Cars range are:

Sensory Play

  1. Through hearing the sound as it rolls along the floor or surface
  2. Touch through feeling the surface of the car
  3. Sight through looking at the little car and watching the movement (hand/eye co-ordination)


  1. Words like car, names of shapes, names of parts of car
  2. Feelings and facial words – Happy, smile
  3. Colour Words – Red, Blue, Orange

Cognitive (Thinking)

  1. Names of shapes circle, square, triangle and rectangle are pre-maths skills
  2. Names of colours
  3. Imaginative play through building roads and where the car can go and where they live


  1. Big muscle strength and development through moving the vehicle and crawling after it
  2. Bending over and picking up the car or pulling the rectangle along behind
  3. Hand/Eye co-ordination through turning the wheels or watching as they push it along

These ideas are just the tip of what can be learned when you play with your baby as they explore this high quality wooden range designed in Sweden!

Suitable for children 12m+

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Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle


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