Morning Routine Chart


Morning routine chart helps and supports us and our children with getting ready for the day. Building routines into the day especially as part of getting ready for the day creates a sense of security and predictability for children. Transitioning from one task to the next can be tricky and using a chart or a list can be very helpful for young ones to learn the process. Using words and images for both our linguisitic and visual learners our images are in a graphic designed or Boardmaker specific visual cue or task card we have given the choice for you to be able to select which routine would suit your families needs best.

It encourages and supports children to keep track of where they are up to in their routine. It helps build independence and self esteem through them being able to do these everyday tasks by themselves.

Benefits you as you can get ready yourself, eat your breakfast and attend to younger children without having to constantly remind the older child what to do next.

Initially, show and talk to your child about the routine and how it works and they may require a few prompts from you as they develop these skills and the ability to follow the routine without your support.

Child hand sized cards easily attached with velcro to make them easy to take off and reuse again and again.

An envelope on the back to keep your cards not currently in use in or a little box with a handy magnet strip to sit alongside the routine on the fridge for your child to take off each card to put them in as they finish each task. The chart has magnets on the back to easily attach to the fridge or alternatively we can put velcro tabs on for sticking to the wall that remove easily.

Please send us a message and we can talk about what your child’s interests are and even add their name and make it in their choice of colour!

Colours available are: Pale Blue, Pale Green, Lavender, Cream/Natural

Order your Morning Routine Chart and get ready for easier mornings!

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Pale Blue, Pale Green, Natural, Lavender


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