Music Miracles Class


Music Miracles Class is a fun introduction to music, instruments, puppets and stories designed by our trained early childhood teacher Tina, specifically for young children and their parents, grandparents and caregivers!

I have been delivering music and story time classes for many years and have carefully selected the songs we sing and play music and use puppets to. The songs are familiar nursery rhymes, action songs, and songs that support connection, sensory regulation and following instructions. The  instruments have been gathered and chosen to accompany the song choices in the selection each week. While we do keep a certain amount of songs on our song choice chart these do get added to or changed as children become familiar with them. The song choice chart supports and encourages children to build their confidence and the ability to make choices (the babies quickly work out what to do and how to take a song card from the chart)!

Did you know that babies and young children learn through repetition? As they hear the same songs over and over it lays down neural pathways in their brain so they can predict patterns, rhythms, sounds and words over time. So as they grow older and have had these familiar songs so many times (as have we adults too!) they use this knowledge to apply to learning to speak and read.

The wonder I have noticed is that when music is shared in a group of people it creates smiles, laughter, joy, love and opens the door to play and learning together! You may have noticed this too! It is a delight to my heart and such a privilege to experience and share in people’s worlds and journey’s and it is the highlight of my week!

Some of the reported benefits I have observed and families have reported back to me:

  • strengthening and deepening the connection with your child
  • supports your child’s speaking and listening skills
  • supports your child’s ability to listen and follow instructions
  • helps their ability to concentrate and increases their attention span
  • may lead your child into further musical exploration and interest in playing an instrument

Our classes our held outdoors by the beautiful Murray River in Murray Bridge and other outdoor locations as we grow. This outdoor environment is a great way to encourage children’s interest in the outdoors and nature. ALL instruments and equipment are (cleaned each week prior to use) and are provided in individual baskets and family mats on the grass for you to explore and play together guided by Tina.




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