P.L.A.Y.ING With Purpose E-Book


P.L.A.Y.ING With Purpose E-Book is an easy guide to play activities that help you help your child learn through the wonder and love of play

Play, it’s all about having fun, being free, relaxing. This is often how we as adults view play. It is all these things and so much more. When I began my study to become an early childhood professional, I had no idea of the complex, creative, inspiring journey I was about to begin. I wanted to help children learn, that was my goal then and it still is today. I was a young mum with three children under ten who knew there was so much more to children’s learning and I wanted to find out how to support them in this process. To help them reach their highest potential, so as they grow up they can be the best person they want to be.

This book was created in the hope that it will support you in exploring play with your child or other people’s children, together.

Play, Connect, Learn.



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