Play Choice Chart


Play choice chart helps you and your child plan the play for the day!

Our standard selection gives you the ability to choose from eighteen play ideas plus two pack away cards and place them on the chart at the different times of the day that have been broken up into four sections.

Two for each section of the chart so you can play, connect and learn and still have time to do what has to be done, including packing away!

Choose 8 ideas that suit you and the type of day you know is ahead and then decide together where in the day you can play with the different activities. Vary the activities and allow child to choose some each day to help support all areas of your child’s learning.

As time progresses and with longer use of the chart and cues, you may notice that your child notices the different times of the day based on when you change to a new section and they have more experience of using the chart.

Benefits of using our play choice chart:

  • Play is set up for the day and planned at different times
  • Predictable and reassuring for your child as they know what is coming up
  • Allows some choice for your child in the day so meets their need to have input into what happens
  • Respectful and caring choices for your child builds their foundation for planning skills, a life skill
  • Planning ahead with what is needed as well as desired promotes healthy choices in their thinking and self care awareness
  • Supports sequencing of events, a skill they use when writing at school, literacy skills

A great planning tool for older children to give lots of alternatives and ideas for school holidays!

Ask us for an older child’s play choice chart.

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