Timers are a wonderful tool to support you as the parent or caregiver helping your loved one or person you care for to achieve completing tasks. Experiencing the success of completing a task is a priceless and intangible gift that you can give your child and loved one. Building their self esteem and feeling of competency is so important to their inner sense of well-being and self worth and completing tasks is significant for everyone to enhance and grow a sense of accomplishment.

We source two liquid timers that flow at different speeds and are two different shapes and sizes.

The timer you choose should be dependent on what you would like to choose the timer for and the age of the person using it.

The length of time the liquid takes to move from top to bottom varies from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.

Our new Hess Hourglass Timer is crafted from wood and two layers of clear plastic encasing the blue sand that flows quickly from one side down to the other, taking 1 minute 50 seconds from start to finish. A natural appealing product made in Germany.

These timers support children to focus on completing a task before the colour has made it to the bottom, cleaning teeth, getting a task completed, turn taking and sharing a treasured toy or game. Use a timer to support you and your children getting things done more easily with such a concrete visual timer at home. The ones that take a longer time to finish are better for when the children need a longer time to complete tasks, like packing away a toy into its container or box. The shorter ones are better for small tasks like cleaning teeth, unpacking a school bag.

Liquid timers have a very calming effect when you watch the liquid slowly drop from the top to the bottom and if more time watching is needed just tip it over and start again.

Available in two designs. Click here to watch our Blue/Pink timer in action and start measuring the calming joy they can bring to your home.

Colours: Blue/Pink Liquid Timer and our brand new Fumfings Magnoidz Liquid Timer in Pink/Green! Natural Hess Hourglass Sand Timer.

Additional information

Weight.107 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 14.5 cm

Blue/Pink, Magnoidz Pink/Green, Hess Natural Hourglass


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