Visual Cue Cards Keyring


Our visual cue cards keyring helps you understand and ask your little one what they need using pictures and images. You can also show them the card to request or prepare them for an upcoming change or care need that is coming up. Ask them what they need and show them each picture saying the words as you show them the card. They can then point to the picture card or nod showing what they need or want. Then you can meet their need or request.

Helps children to communicate that are not quite talking yet or find it hard to express their needs and it lessens the frustration and upset for everyone involved. Supports people that speak other languages as their first language to understand your request too.

Supports you helping them understand the necessary caregiving parts of the day for babies and toddlers like nappy change, which can often be a time toddlers are resistant to!

Included are 20 different pocket size cards showing caregiving and play ideas on a keyring that you can have on hand wherever you go.

Suitable for parents, caregivers, educators and allied health professionals. Supports language development both expressive and receptive, as well as emotional well being as the child’s needs are being understood and met, further deepening their connection and learning with those they love and care for. Additional cards can be added for a small cost.

Contact us to enquire if a customised set of visual cue cards for children or adults that have additional needs is required.

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