Yoga Heroz 10 Sessions


Yoga Heroz 10 Sessions will help your child learn through fun, playful, child friendly yoga poses modelled with our caring, nurturing yoga instructors. These classes are designed for children aged 3-12 years. Our classes are programmed to support and help children with their emotions, self regulation and body awareness.

We aim to support you and your child to feel welcome, supported and nourished after attending one of our classes.

We focus on relaxing the mind, breathing and yoga poses to support a calm, quiet focus that children can access whenever they need to.

Included in the class is a sequence of poses, aspects of learning emotional skills through a book and games, some choices, sometimes a meditative art and social skills and finally a meditation.

We have made it even easier by offering a series of 10 sessions so your little yogi can have the consistency and predictabiity of knowing the day and time of their regular yoga class. As an added bonus with this series you get two classes free!

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