Yogi Fun Domino Yogi


Yogi Fun Domino Yogi uses a traditional game like dominoes with a twist! Pardon the pun!

With 28 domino cards that use poses that need to be matched up just like traditional dominoes however when you match up to the matching card you do the pose! What a great way to engage your child from 2 years and up in the wonders and benefits of doing yoga!

Playing dominoes supports your child’s learning in many developmental and skill areas including:

  • Helps to develop critical thinking skills – (where will I place my next card, which one will I choose, I wonder what others have in their hand and son on)
  • Played in a family environment – (supports bonding and relationship building – use encouraging language and affirmations throughout the game)
  • Played in a group environment – (social skills – like joining in play, sharing, turn taking, being part of a group)
  • Reduces stress in a play setting (as there are rules and guidelines to be followed and therefore is reassuring and predictable rather than an imaginative play situation)
  • Improves memory retention (through matching the pose pictures and learning each pose as they are matched)

Additional benefits with Yogi Fun Domino Yogi are:

  1. Balancing Poses encourage your child to focus on being centred – developing their body and mind connection
  2. Develops their ability to breathe in and out and focus on the breath
  3. Supports the strength and flexibility in the muscles and body
  4. Gross Motor skills development and co-ordination is strengthened through the poses

To see Yogi Fun Domino Yogi in action see here.

Combining Domino Yoga with some Meditations from our blog may help too!

If you find this game with yoga poses fun or beneficial you and your child may like to join one of our classes in Murray Bridge or online. To join a class contact Tina or click here!

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