Yogi Fun Memo Yogi


Yogi Fun Memo Yogi….do you remember playing memory when you were little? Have you ever played a memory game?

Memo Yogi explores the fun of a memory game with a yoga flavour! Make a match do a pose!

Memory games can enhance your child’s ability to expand their concentration span, focus and attention.

These types of games support their critical thinking skills, very important for their future thinking and planning! Their attention to detail as they play will be developed over time as they work their mind to remember where the card was that they and their opponents turned over so they can make the next match!

In addition, it can help their visual recognition skills as well which transfers across into other learning areas. Not to mention the fact that they will do a yoga pose as they make a match. Encourage everyone to do the pose together, creating that connection as they play and explore together.

Memo Yogi is absolutely a game that is play with a purpose!

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