Yogi Fun Yoga Top Spinner


Yogi Fun Yoga Top Spinner is a spinning top that lands on four different poses! Namaste, the ever popular Downward Dog, Half Lords of the Fishes, Frog Pose!

An engaging and fun way to gain your classes’ attention, to break up the class for yoga, in an early childhood setting or school environment! A wonderful brain break or ice breaker for any facilitator too!

Using the wonders of probability it is even a mathematical tool!

Which side will it land on? This might involve a mathematical equation!

Mathematical language is important to use with children as the further they go on in school the more complex the language becomes. As us parents and adults know! Some of the language you can use is face, sides, corners, axis, angular momentum, motion, spinning. Exploring together through Google & YouTube is a great way to discover more, how and why it works for those who are interested.

Early Years & Early Childhood Teachers can refer to this activity as EYLF Outcome 4:


  • use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas


  • manipulate objects and experiment with

    cause and effect, trial and error, and



  • develop an ability to mirror, repeat and

    practice the actions of others, either

    immediately or later


  • explore ideas and theories using

    imagination, creativity and play


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