Relationships and Welcome

welcoming environment
We extend an invitation to welcome you

Relationships and welcome for our families and play community is the most important within our organisation. Our primary goal is to welcome you and your little ones into our world, to come in, relax, enjoy, feel supported and encouraged to play, connect and learn together. We hope that you feel the atmosphere and vibe is one of welcome, an invitation to play beckons and calls to you and your child so you can delight in each other as you explore and discover each experience with wonder and awe. We will always seek your consent to capture some of these special moments as unobtrusively as possible, so we can share them with you as often at home you might be too busy behind the camera rather than in front of it.  It is truly special being able to see the love flowing between you as you play and experience the discovery of how things work or what is possible as you create.

play with my baby
Playing together anywhere you are helps your baby learn

Connection opportunities are paramount in our planning of experiences and classes we offer, even down the to the tiniest detail of selecting, designing and making our toys and products we have available. We have you our BIG and small community member in mind. How would a baby use this? What inspires this little toddler, invokes passion in your preschooler? What might they see? What would their parent like? How will it serve them both? We delight in the planning of an experience you can have together. Often our clients teach us something new in how they play with or explore an experience and this is a part of our plan. We seek to engage your creativity, your little one’s openness to explore and discover using the materials and resources we have offered to engage at the highest level so they can reach their best possible learning opportunity with us and beyond!

drawing together in love
Creativity abounds in our play and learning groups

Our hearts desire is for you both to build beautiful memories of the times you come and play and learn at any of our classes. The first 1000 days are a prime time in the development of children’s brains and neural pathways as Raising Children our Australian Parenting Website says. We thank you for choosing us as one of the places you help your little one grow and learn with you as their first and most important teacher right by their side. Your little one might be small when they start coming to our classes however we know as you do they grow so quickly and those little seeds you plant, then nourish and nurture grow to be strong beautiful plants that reach for the sky! 

music miracles
Exploring music is a powerful way to learn

If you would like to share any of your little one learning we would love to see it! We welcome and love hearing about stories from home and look forward to seeing you at any of our upcoming events.

building blocks for learning
The simpler the item the more creative the play becomes

Have a beautiful day and may you play, connect and learn as #EarlyLearningMatters!


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