Children process pictures and visual communication much more easily than verbal requests or instruction.


Our visual communication tools support your child to do those routine tasks independently over time.


We can make a routine that helps your child to follow instructions and routine through the use of visual charts.  


  • Morning Routine

  • Afternoon Routine

  • Play Choice Chart







Individualised and personalised for you and your family.

Or perhaps your toddler is frustrated in trying to communicate their need to you?









Perhaps our visual keyring 'What do you need?' will support them communicating and you having that clarity of what they need.





Feelings and emotions are tricky to negotiate when your little one has suddenly discovered they are independent and separate person from you their caregiver.

The Feelings book has been written with this in mind and uses photos and text to support children and caregivers working through these situations together. 

Teddy bear not included with book. 

Play dough Recipe

P.L.A.Y with a purpose

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