Music Miracles

Music is wonderfully soothing, mood lifting and in fact changing, expresses our feelings at particular moments in life and is joyful in so many ways. I am writing this musical reflection to share some of the ways I have noticed and observed music helping children and their families.

I have shared music and story times with children and families in a group environment in many locations and with many different people. The wonder I have noticed is that when music is shared it creates smiles, laughter, joy, love and play! It is a delight and privilege to see and experience.

Some of the benefits from joining in with a music and story time are:

- strengthening your relationship with your child

- supports your child's speaking skills

- supports your child's ability to listen and follow instructions

- helps their ability to concentrate and attention span

- supports their social and emotional development

These are all very important skills for your child's and you as a parent and caregiver's well being!

We can never underestimate the importance of our health and well being as it affects so much of our ability to think, learn and work.

In our music times, I always include songs for listening to instructions, songs with opportunities to do actions, play instruments, use puppets or other props and finish with a story.

Finally, include some music in your little one's routine today and experience the wonder and delight of watching your musical miracle come to life.

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