Did you know that moving can be magical? It can make us and our children feel amazing through the action of movement. Moving releases wonderful chemicals in our body called endorphins and makes the cells in our body feel alive and full of oxygen. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in our body.

Movement can be through us and it can be through moving parts or moving cells. Today we will use small movements in our hands and bigger movements in our arms to create movement. We use fingers to squeeze an eye dropper and watch as the colour drops into the milk. We move our arms to squeeze and choose where to put the

drops in the milk.

Gently place a drop of dishwashing detergent into the middle of the colours. This tiny slow movement is about controlling our strength and agility. Watching carefully as we place this tiny drop.

Our eyes move with delight as we watch both our child's eyes, face and expression as the colours zoom around the dish, creating a kaleidoscope of colour. It leaves a look of wonder on your child's face and they will likely want to do this experiment again and again. It leaves you with a wonderful memory of some time exploring magic together.

My hope is that you create a little bit of magic with movement for you and your child's Monday.

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