Magic Move Mondays - 10 Favourite Body Focused Songs

Moving songs are a wonderful way for children to learn. Moving their arms, legs and many different parts of the body to music is a magical way for them to begin to understand the names of these body parts, build muscles, control each limb or digit, whatever the part of the body it may be.

I thought this photo was so fun when I found it. It definitely shows the delight children have in moving!

Here are 10 favourites that I have found children and families love in my Music Miracles groups. Many of these are Nursery Rhymes however some I have found from searching when I have had a specific thought in mind about what the children are most interested in. Following their interest at these times, is a wonderful way to engage their minds as the opportunity for learning is most active when their favourite subject is involved. Let's see these favourites.

Heads & Shoulders

Open, Shut Them

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star