Tina Bambury

Tina is absolutely passionate and committed to children's needs and their voices being heard.  As an early childhood professional she has the power to be a voice for them and that is important, so children become visible and their needs met.   Through her programs she encourages parents/carers and their families to strengthen their relationship through play.  With children of her own, Tina regularly volunteered in reading groups and found it very rewarding.   When two of her young children showed signs of learning difficulties Tina found that she enjoyed learning how to assist them through empowering them to excel using positive learning and play.  Beginning her journey in to a professional career as an Early Childhood Educator.



Tina's qualifications include: - 

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at UNE (University of New England) 

Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies at UWS (University of Western Sydney)

10 years experience in Early Childhood and Early Intervention fields