Supporting valued Early Learning Care Services

Supporting valued Early Learning & Care Services in our play community happens through designing professional development workshops, sourcing great quality sensory toys and developing visual charts. We appreciate and value any feedback from you as teachers and educators that we can develop new and helpful resources that save you time, energy and are at low cost and high quality.

early childhood professional development
A relaxed conversation and sharing our collective knowledge is part of the workshop style we provide.

As teachers and professionals, your time is highly valuable and I am sure you want to be with the children spending time playing, connecting and learning as this is why most of us enter this highly rewarding field. 

Play for preschoolers

Products to support early childhood education and care teams

We offer an Early Childhood Daily Routine; Song Choice Chart complete with learning outcomes already identified for you and a Visual Cue Cards Keyring as part of our Visuals collection to save you time and energy in the making of these visuals. 

These visuals support you in communicating to the children what you would like them to do for caregiving routines with the Visual Cue Cards Keyring. The child can also communicate their needs to you, extending and expanding their language skills through identifying they would like to have a story or a cuddle through pointing to the card. They are a wonderful tool to support children that find it difficult to express their needs including children with additional needs or that speak languages other than the primary one in your centre.

The Song Choice Chart is a helpful group time planner and sequencer for your room. Included are a standard collection of 10 popular early childhood songs. More can be added in if your little learners’ favourites are not there. As part of the purchase of this delightful little tool, we have put together the mathematical and EYLF outcomes in a PDF format for you to save time and to support your observations and portfolio writing. We also have puppets and designing new sets regularly. Our Five Cheeky Monkeys set is a winner with the two to three-year old’s in our groups.

Every child is an individual and unique in what interests them and engages them to explore and learn. Play is often the tool that children use to learn. Some children need more reassurance and support around transitions and changes in the routine during the day. The Early Childhood Daily Routine enhances children’s ability to understand what is coming up next and where the daily routine is up to as each part of the room routine can be posted into a finished box. Children who have autism or anxiety may find this support very helpful. 

Our Feelings Bag Sensory Sack contains a number of sensory toys and products that you can include in your Zen Zone or Quiet Corner and comes in a range of age appropriate sacks. 

Some of the ways to use our Feelings Bag Sensory Sack in early childhood settings include:

  • When a child is upset sitting with an educator and exploring the bag together helps them to settle
  • Read or tell them the Feelings Book Story
  • Get them to draw out their feelings on the note book included
  • Find a sticker to make them feel better
  • Choose a sensory toy that they can explore and play with to help their feelings move on
feelings bag sensory toys
Our Feelings Bag Sensory Sack is personalised to age and interest, even down to the colour!

The Feelings Book developed with photos and images supports children identifying and naming their feelings and this may be helpful in your setting to strengthen children’s social emotional development. Images cross through many language difficulties and communication delays and we hope that this book, supports you and the children you teach and care for to explore feelings and emotions in healthy ways.  

child meditation

A little gift

Finally, a little gift to help your day with a meditation for you to play perhaps when there is a quiet time, have a wonderful day to play, connect and learn as you know how much #EarlyLearningMatters!

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